de cuisine...



Alose à l'oseille - Shad in a sorrel hollandaise sauce




Canard nantais - Roast duck with Muscadet wine sauce.




Civet de marcassin - Hearty casserole of wild boar




Géline à la lochoise - Geline hen in a cream sauce




Porc aux pruneaux - Pork fillets cooked with prunes in a wine and cream sauce 




Potage d'asperges - Creamy pureed asparagus soup




Prunes au Vouvray - Plums stewed in Vouvray wine




Ragout d'anguilles et cuisses de grenouille - A stew of eel and frogs' legs




Tarte aux rillettes - Open savoury tart with a filling of potted pork, eggs and cream


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