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Route du Chabichou

On Thursday 14th of August we went 30 min down the road to our local goat farm at 11 Petit Couture, Vendeuvre.

Here is a photo of one of the goats after milking, relaxing.


Goats milk is collected in these containers and then taken to the cheese room


Here I am in the cheese room where the milk gets turned into fromage.

They cool the milk, then add the starter & rennet. Once the curds & whey are separated they then put the curds into different moulds. They have the traditional Chabi and the Pyramid and the long rounds too.

Next they get taken down into the cave / cellar to mature.


Here you can see the Chabi maturing at different stages. Raymond, who told us all about how he makes Chabichou, has lived on the farm for 3 generations and they have always made fromage de chèvre.


This is the Chabi at home and you can see the different stages of maturity from sizes, the colour and the firmness.

Mum has to drink Rosé de Loire with it.

I give it 70/100, 10/100 and I have not tried the really mature one yet........

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