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Savigny-sous-Faye Four'Fête 15th August

Here in our quiet little town of Savigny-sous-Faye, (also the name of our house), we had a celebration in the village. Today we saw the communal oven in action, with flames.

The communal oven is behind the Church. The church is only open to the puplic on special occasions. Behind me is all the bread that was made that morning, they say that over 600 baguettes are made in this day.


The people in the village baked everything in their communal oven, from bread to pizza to tartes. I had a slice of tarte aux pommes, which was yummy!


At the Four'fête, there was a market in the street. I bought new toys, here is photo of ....

We ate lots of yummy food then went home for a rest because the festival continued at the Château next to our house.


We stayed up all night and...

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