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If I were a Knight

Here is a photo of my Knight, I call him Sir Steve.

Lucie's Knight.jpg

Knights lived in the 11th, 12th & 13th Century. They had armour, which could either be plate or chain mail. My Knight had Plate Armour.

His weapon was a lance because he fought on his horse. If he was fighting in hand combat he would use Mr Mc Bride's skills to fight with a sword. He had a war horse (destrier). The war horse wore armour for protection. My Knight's horse had a cover with symbols on it.

If I were a boy in the Middle Ages, I could begin training now, to become a Knight.

At the age of seven, boys would go to live in the Castle and become a Page.

My jobs would be:

  1. Look after the Lord's clothes (& his undies)

  2. Wait at the head of the table

  3. I would be a servent to the ladies of the court

  4. Learn good manners

  5. Religion

  6. Riding

  7. Hunting

  8. Hawking

  9. Strategic games such as backgammon or chess

I would also learn to use a lance and how to tilt on horseback.

I am a girl so could not really become a Knight, however I could be like Joan of Arc

who at the age of 16 led the French to fight against the English!


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