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How many ways can you drink Cabernet Franc???? Nous allons au Domaine De La Chevalerie, Bourgueil

The Caves of Domaine de la Chevalerie date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Dug under the vines to source rock to build the neighbouring village, they cover 1.5 hectares and are home to some of the best wines from Bourgueil. Mr. Pierre Caslot the current propriétaire of a family business established in 1635, offers moments of tasting. As we walk we see walls of bottles - over 150,000!


Here are some the 18 (!!!) wines we tasted:

Dyptique 2013 6,95

Galichets 2011 10,00

Chevalerie 2011 17,00

Busardières 2011 18,50

Grand Mont 2011 26,00

Galichets 2010 11,00

Bretèche 2010 12,50

Bretèche 2009 12,50

Bretèche 2008 12,50

Chevalerie 2008 17,00

Busardières 2007 18,50

Busardières 2005 18.50

Vin de Garde 2005 11,00

Alcofribas 2005 32,00

& this is how we felt afterwards........


Who knew there are so many ways to drink cabernet franc! Outstanding tasting, well worth a visit - just remember to use the spittoon.

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