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Lucies fromage

I started out my blogs with a photo showing the cheese then a star rating out of 10. Since being at school, I have eaten a cheese every day and on the weekends choose from a cheese board with friends. I like going to the supermarket to buy cheese because my absolute fravourite brand is Caprice des Dieux!

I have consumed so many different cheeses but there are still new cheeses to try. Thats because at the markets each week you have the local cheese makers that have their unique cheese made from goats, cows, or sheeps milk. Each cheese has a unique shape, taste, texture and smell.

How to eat cheese in France:

Make sure you prepare your cheese plate at the start of the meal or before, so that it is room temperature. In France you eat the cheese course after the main meal but before dessert. To make sure the cheese is ready you should put your thumb and gently press in the centre to see if it soft and ready to eat now. If you are going to eat cheese, make should your cheese plate has: Goats, Soft cheese either brie or camembert or both. A blue and a hard cheese. My favourite hard cheese is Comté. The other point is to make sure you have the freshest bread. I can now buy my own bread. I go into the Boulanger and say "Une baguette traditionnelle s'il vous plaît".

With so much cheese to eat you can also find phrases about cheese in the french language. Im getting better at speaking french and here is a phrase to learn about fromage: "Tout un Fromage" which means, making a whole cheese out of it. "Je dois demander Stella avant que je joue avec son jouet sinon elle va en faire tout un fromage" I must ask Stella if I can play with her toy or she'll make a whole cheese out of it!

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