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Lucie & Stella's French School in Savigny-sous-Faye

Savigny -sous- Faye , a small town of Lencloîtrais they are twenty to five children from the village , but also Doussay and Orches even Cernay to be the only class in the school . Two levels of CP / CE 1 , part of the RPI , which at the same time takes the first place of the smaller schools of the township .





Home cooking


Definitely very lucky these little kids, especially since they are among the last to relish a home cuisine prepared daily by their canteen Patricia Fouqueteau . "Our unique class is a crucial part of our dynamic . We pay more attention to business school for all our children can succeed here too, " concludes Mayor Martine Godet, who, for some time , working on the project implementation accessibility class school .

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