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Lucie & Stella - After 1 month at school

Today I am going to tell you about my school in France. France is a very fine country with lots of good food and mummy says very good wine too.

Anyway lets get on with what I was saying – my school in France has about 3 teachers, Mme Traumat, Mme Devannes & Mme Fouquecault. Mme Fouqueteau is the cook, she makes the children's lunch and sometimes we have hot chocolate or topical fruit juice too.

But this is a funny joke; if you said Mme Fourqueteau like "Fourchette" that would means Mrs Fork!

Mme Devannes is the playground teacher, we don't really play on the playground which is down at the bottom of the hill (which the school is on) but we sometimes do activities down there with Wilfrid.

And Mme Traumat is our teacher, sometimes we have Pierre or sometimes (this is what Stella calls our other teacher) M Zooglouglou.

Mme Traumat is not as serious as New Zealand teachers, may be it is because she has 30 children to look after but she is telling off the boys most of the time. And I'v seen one of the boys in CE which is for the big kids do a 'raspberry' at another one of the CE's and he had to sit in the bathroom until a little bit after morning tea. He cried so loudly that it kind of distracted me from my work.

He said 'booooooo' really loudly. Some of the kids had started to hold back laughing. At playtime it is really fun cause we get to run around and play some type of cops & robbers. School in France is really fun and full of new words to learn (which Im not really doing doing lots of vocabulary but Im learning quite a lot of new words at home). That is all I want to tell you, I hope you have been listening – goodbye x Lucie

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At school now for activities we are making halloween mask's mine is rainbow with hearts. Julia always copies me because she coloured it rainbow too and she copied everything that I did. Mine is a skeleton and so is hers. Lucie's is a troll and Noleen's is a witch and Yaines's is a skeleton with a brain – disgusting! Same with Antonin. Mme Devan loves my skeleton. I hope you were listening – goodbye x Stella

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