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A school day in France

We have been at our French school for 10 months, it is called L'école de Savigny-sous-Faye . We like our day at school and our favourite time of day is 'récréation & déjeuner'.

We start at 9.00, when Madame Traumat our teacher (we call her maîtresse) locks the school gate and we sit in our 1 room school.

We have 24 students or élèves in our class, half are CP and half CE1. Lucie sits on the side with CE1 and I sit on the side that is CP. In the morning we get to bring along something that is new and talk about it, this is called 'quoi de neuf'.

Déjeuner is the best because we get to sit in our canteen and eat a 4 or 5 courses for lunch.

Sometimes it is:

salade de haricots verts - salade of green beans

ragoût de lapin - rabbit stew

fromage - cheese

fruit - fruit

We have rules in the canteen which are:

*Je dois apporter une serviette propre le lundi matin - I have my clean serviette on Mondays

*Je goûte à tout - I try everything

*Je suis poli - I am polite

*Je reste bien assis sur le banc - I stay seated on the bench

*Je ne fais pas de bruit - I do not make noise

*Je lève le doigt pour parler - I raise my finger when I want to talk

*Je ne joue pas en mangeant - I do not play when I'm eating

*Je ne jette pas la nourriture - I do not throw food



This is our chef or la cantinière, madame Patricia Fouqueteau, but we call her Patou. Each day she spends 2 hours preparing our lunch, she is a very good cook. Her rule is that we must try everything once, even if it is just a taste. This is easy because her food is so good, but sometimes like when it is 'experimental tastes week' we had to try wild mushrooms and shark and black pudding or boudin..

Patou changes the menu every week and makes sure that we have a variety of vegetables, meat, fruit and grains we need for healthy bodies. In the canteen we have 'chef de table' who reads out the menu for the day and helps with the water and bread.

I like sitting with my friends and eating lunch.


After lunch we have recreation time from 1pm until 2.30 pm. We have another teacher who comes in to help us with activites and we get to play new games and try new sports like archery. His name is Wilfred.

We start our afternoon classes at 2.30 with Madame Traumat and go home at 4.30 pm.

I like my french school because I have made new friends like Noleen and Kim, Satine and others. It will be sad to say goodbye, but we will keep in touch by writing and skype.

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